Case Update – September 2, 2016

The case is currently in the “discovery” stage. In this stage, the parties must exchange relevant documents and produce representatives to be examined. We are gathering the relevant documents of the representative plaintiff, Marc-Oliver Baroch and we expect that Mr. Baroch will be examined for discovery at the appropriate time. Meanwhile, Canada Cartage has begun to produce documents to us that we are beginning to review. Pursuant to the April 27, 2016 court order of Justice Belobaba, Canada Cartage was required to produce a batch of documents to us on July 30, 2016 (which it has done), with further batches to follow on October 14 and November 30.

Canada Cartage is seeking to appeal the decision of Justice Belobaba requiring it to produce certain documents. This issue will be considered by the Ontario Divisional Court on September 13, and we expect the Court will issue reasons for decision shortly after that date. We expect to report the results of this decision in our next update.