Case Update – April 4, 2014

Last week, Eric Hoaken, Ian Matthews and Lauren Epstein, lawyers on behalf of the proposed representative plaintiff Marc-Oliver Baroch, served materials on the legal team for Canada Cartage.

The materials were submitted in support of a motion to certify this action as a class action, and included a Notice of Motion, the Affidavit of Marc-Oliver Baroch, the Affidavit of Dawid Juszczak and the affidavit of Lilly Iannacito. The affidavits will form the evidence that will be relied on when we argue the motion in front of Mr. Justice Edward Belobaba between December 10-12, 2014 in Toronto. To view the Notice of Motion, visit the Court Documents page.

Canada Cartage will respond to these affidavits by filing evidence of their own, which we expect to occur in the next month or two. We plan to post their responding materials when they are received.